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Virtual Assistant support for your business every single month

A little bit of monthly magic

Consistent, efficient admin support every single month for heart-led businesses in the UK.

Let a Virtual Assistant manage your
business admin so you don’t have to

Keeping your day-to-day simple

Every kind of company could use a Virtual Assistant

What’s the best use of your time?

Here’s the thing with businesses – they’re constantly changing. Even though you’re the same skilled, ambitious, driven person who started your business, and you have a whole lot more experience now, it doesn’t mean it gets easier. Just when you get to grips with everything, it all changes again.

So, getting a little extra help as your business develops is a great way to keep things manageable.

Your business can only go so far while you’re doing everything. At some point, it’s time to delegate. (Unless you can clone yourself or find a few more hours in the day. The dream!)

Grow your business, increase your revenue, and have some down time with the support of Pip Doleman & Associates.

What happens when you work with a Virtual Assistant?

Here’s the step-by-step

It’s my job to make your life as simple and straight forward as possible. And, that includes onboarding you!

Here are the super easy 5 steps to take you from overwhelmed to extra calm.

It all begins with an email from you to me, and then we have a discovery call together.

After our call, I’ll put together a quote and a proposal for you. Once you’re ready to go, I’ll send over a contract for you to sign.

If we need one, we’ll do a detailed onboarding call where you hand over precisely what you need from me/ my associate.

We have a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly check in call so I can update you on progress and you can delegate further tasks.

I’ll send an invoice at the end of each month for our agreed hours with a summary of time tracked and tasks done.

There’s absolutely no way you can go overbudget or get a surprise invoice because everything we do is agreed in advance. And while we’re tackling the tasks you don’t have time for, you can concentrate on what you love: running your business. (Or having some much- needed self-care.)

Can it get simpler than that?

(Mostly) UK-based Virtual Assistants supporting UK based businesses

We’re proudly based in the UK, and we work exclusively with UK businesses. This is for a couple of reasons, but mainly so we can answer our clients’ calls when they need us (no time zone issues!), and also because we’re insured to work with UK businesses.

Our associates live around the country (mostly, one of our lucky team lives in sunny Valencia) and we all work remotely using Zoom, Trello, shared calendars, and a whole host of super useful technology.

Whether you’re in Bristol, Birmingham, or Belfast, my team and I able to help you reach your business goals.

A whole team of Virtual Assistants ready to help you

Meet Pip and her associates

The reason I get business owners is because I’m a business owner myself.

I’ve seen my business grow from a tiny, exciting idea right up to an established, and successful team. I know how it feels to have ambition, but not quite have enough support, and I know how powerful it is to have an incredible team all working towards the same goal.

Which is why I get so excited about working with other entrepreneurs. Jumping into your business and rescuing you from an overwhelming inbox, or a confusing calendar, or abandoned accounts is hugely fulfilling for me. I love helping people, and I love sorting things out for them.

My work means you’ll be able to get on with the parts of your business which fill you with joy, and what could be better than that?

Consistently show up in your business the way you want to, feeling calm and in control.  

How much does a Virtual Assistant cost?

Investing in your business couldn’t be easier

The price for investing in our support is £38 per hour. And the minimum number of hours per month is eight, because anything less than a couple of hours a week means you won’t feel the true benefit of our support. The more involved in your business we are, the more impact we can make.

Generally, when working on a short-term project, you’ll have a specific task which needs to be done. Our team can focus entirely on your project, and you’ll work closely with your VA until your short-term task is achieved. We’ll agree in advance the number of hours you need, and if we think you need more or fewer hours, we’ll discuss this with you during the project.

Together, in the discovery call, we’ll discuss exactly what you want to achieve short term, and how many hours this is likely to take. Your VA won’t go over the agreed hours, and you’ll be invoiced at the end of the month. You’ll never receive an unexpected invoice, or for a surprise amount.

We always keep you in the loop.

Find the answers to your Virtual Assistant questions

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